ukrainian version
Here you can find the most interesting from my old postcards collection, which includes over 250 ones.

Please, notice:
1. Next to the postcard the year of passing the mail is noted.
2. In (brackets) are separated the original inscription and /or the year of releasing, the publisher and the number from the back side of postcard.
Special thanks to:
• Olena Tatomyr
• Igor Kotlobulatov
• Olexandr Voloshyn
for permanent help with
supplement of collection
All presented postcards are from 1893 - 1950 period, when Transcarpathia (Podkarpatska Rus) and Užhorod was the part of:

till 1918 - Austro-Hungarian empire
1918 - 1939 - Czechoslovakia
1939 - 1944 - Hungary
from 1944 - Soviet Union

The images can be used only for non-comercial
purposes and with reference on